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Hi I am Renee!

I’m and Building designer, Interior Designer and most importantly a wife and a mum to 3 beautiful girls.

My passion as a designer comes from a love of life, in particular, a love of how we live and how we use our homes.

Throughout our life journey, our needs and dreams will change and this is reflected in our homes where the soul of a family is created.

I love to come into your homes and hear your ideas, see how you live, get to know what it is that’s important to you and then to be able to transform and create a space that truly reflect this and helps the way your family does life.

I believe the most important part of being a designer is firstly to be a great listener, to understand your client’s needs and wants fully and secondly to be able to reinvent those ideas into practical, functional, environmentally sustainable and creative spaces that exceed their initial expectations.